Tasar Continental Europe 

the One and Only






FBCC   Frank Bethwaite, May 26, 1920 - May 12, 2012

We felt delight and a little bit of proudness either,
 when in 2009 Frank allowed TCE to donate a challenge cup to his personal honour and with his name:

Frank Bethwaite Continental Cup

Undoubtedly, his only motive had been to give our young district backing and endorsement -
therefore, we owe him particular thankfulness and great respect.

1. The FBCC shall be open to all Tasar sailors in the world
2. The competitions shall take place in the TCE district and be organised by one of the TCE fleets
3. There shall be a minimum of five competing boats out of at least two different countries.
4. The rating system shall provide a special bonus for the mere start and not allow discards.
* High Point System, no discard
* 3 points per start + 1 point per finish + 1 point per each follow-up

The Previous Winners of the FBCC
have been

2010 Geoff and Mandy Stock, GBR
2011 Geoff and Mandy Stock, GBR
2012 + Frank had passed away on May 12th +
2013 --- entries out of one country only ---
2014 The race event is planned for the

12th of July

come on!